Things To Do

Missoula will provide the perfect blend of business and pleasure for your attendees.

Missoula has something for everyone. If you love outdoor recreation, Missoula has many opportunities every month of the year and best of all, most are within 20 minutes of downtown! If arts and culture are more to your liking, you are in the right place; Missoula, often referred to as "Montana's Cultural Mecca" has plenty of art galleries and museums to peruse and live music and theatre to enjoy. If shopping makes you happy, you will be smiling with all of the choices Missoula has to offer and you will really love skipping the sales tax. There truly is something for everyone, please feel free to contact a vacation planning specialist to help you choose the perfect Missoula activities for your group.

It may take all week to find your favorite post-meeting activity. That's a good thing.

Group Activities

There’s a place where more than rivers meet.

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Family Activities

Traveling with kids can be fun. Keeping them engaged and entertained is simple with a little extra research and preparation.

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Arts and Culture

Missoula is rich in arts and culture. You'll surely be able to find something to keep yourself entertained.

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Entertainment in Missoula isn't hard to find, there is always something going on.

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Explore Missoula

Get out there and explore all that Missoula has to offer.

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Hiking in Missoula means endless mountain trails, views of the valley and paths leading to hidden wonders that are just begging to be discovered.

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Outdoor Recreation

Missoula is filled with things to do in the great outdoors. One could say that outdoor recreation is our specialty.

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River Surfing

Missoula houses one of the only mountain surf shops in the country and thrill seeking ratchets up to a whole new level here as more and more people are choosing to chase the nonstop ride of a rushing river. Watch surfers conquer the water at Brennan's Wave near Caras Park.

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Rock Climbing

Missoula has a variety of great climbing spots close to town, as well as a couple of indoor climbing gyms to get you started.

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A spa in Missoula is a great way to get yourself relaxed on your visit.

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Sports in Missoula

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State Parks

Montana State Parks near Missoula offer some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures on earth. From stunning scenery and dazzling waters, to geologic wonders and cultural history, you'll find it all at our state parks.

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Walking & Running

Missoula has plenty of open space for walking and running around the downtown, on our river trail system and many paths in the surrounding wilderness areas.

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Water Activities

While in Missoula during the summer, water activities are an ideal way to cool off. Surrounding rivers and lakes provide plenty of opportunities to kayak, raft, stand-up paddle board and more.

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Winter Activities

Come find fun in the snow in Missoula this year with winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling and even snowshoeing. With all the possibilities, there is no reason to stay inside. Get out there and create your own warmth while having fun at the same time.

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